A float plane circumventing the globe!

Follow the flight live by pressing the following link:




(N113MF in the Fast Air hangar)

We are off on another ferry flight – and thanks so much for joining along with this blog.

This is a trip that has been in the works for some time – and for a number of reasons is pretty special and unique.

It is the longest ferry flight that we have done and it will be done in a Kodiak on amphibious floats.

13,600 statute miles! (note: the circumference of the earth is 24,900 statue miles)

So in this remarkable flight we will be flying over half way around the world.

80 hours of flight time

This Kodiak has been based in Nampa, Idaho – at the Mission Aviation Fellowship headquarters – flew to Washington State to prepare the aircraft – then to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – and from here – we will fly it to Sentani, Indonesia.

Our route will be leaving Winnipeg and heading to northern Canada to Iqaluit, Nunavut and ferrying across the North Atlantic over Greenland and into Iceland and then into Europe landing in Sweden – then to Romania- Jordan – Oman – India – Myanmar – Vietnam – Philippines – and then to Indonesia.


This picture is just a rough idea of the journey across the world that this plane will be embarking – from Washington – where it left yesterday to Sentani Indonesia.

The other possible route to get to Indonesia could have been flying across the Pacific –  up to Alaska and then going through Russia and Japan.  This would have been approximately 4000 miles shorter.  We didn’t choose this route for a few reasons.

First of all because of the dangers of icing in this part of the world and this plane not being equipped with de-icing equipment.  Secondly – getting permits to land in Russia is complicated – and so we would be required to do the near impossible – leave from Alaska – have a fuel stop in Russia – where there are often delays – and arrive in Japan before the airport closes –  all in one day.

Again – as with all the ferry flights that we have done –  Dylan and myself feel so privileged to be a part of the work of Mission Aviation Fellowship – and are able to give our time to deliver this Kodiak.  This delivery – and the work of M.A.F. is only made possible through the generosity and commitment  of those who donate to and work for M.A.F.

The idea of this blog came from our experience doing this work in the past.  It is an amazing journey – ferrying aircraft.  The trip across the world is spectacular – especially in these small aircraft that fly at lower altitudes – one literally sees the whole world!

The thoughts of this blog are that we can share with those connected to M.A.F.  can get a sense through this photo and journal the journey of this Kodiak.

On the “follow this flight” link on the home page of this blog you can tap into our GPS and follow the Kodiak en route!


Dylan and Tim (Tim Imbrock from M.A.F. who delivered the plane Sunday night to Winnipeg) – passing along details of this Kodiak.


(packing up the Kodiak – with our daughter – O’Danis and Fast Air’s G.M – Anthony Dyck)

Departure first thing tomorrow morning – destination – Baffin Island.

Thanks for joining along

17 thoughts on “A float plane circumventing the globe!

  1. What a wonderful thing to join your journey via blog. How glorious to see Mother Earth like this!!!! Kind of puts a lump in my throat to think of seeing such an incredible variety of geography and visit different cultures. Be safe! Love xox Mon


  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. A float plane adds to the adventure and I don’t know another couple more capable of making such a long trip. Be safe, enjoy, God’s speed.


  3. Hey guys. Another adventure begins! Praying for good weather, safe flying, and all the logistics that have to come together for a flight like this. Thanks so much for doing this! Wish I was joining you 🙂


  4. The Boggs family and friends are praying every day for you as you ferry the plane across the world. We are so excited to know that this Kodiak will fly for God partly in honor of our parents faithful service to Him.


  5. Following you from Germany!
    Good luck, many happy landings. 👍
    As a seaplane pilot myself I would love to fly such a trip too!


  6. DylanVal,thanks for making this journey and sharing it with us this way,having worked on the developement of those floats at Aerocet and also had the pleasure of meeting Sean,Isaac,Aaron,Paul,Tim,Agus,and many other wonderful folks while repairing the floats on “charlie brown” while in palankaraya I am really pleased to see this project coming to fruition.May you be truly blessed as I was on your journey.
    Gary Gillette


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