From Winnipeg to Baffin Island

Had a wonderful flight today from Winnipeg to Iqaluit.


Our daughter O’Danis and some folks from Fast Air saw us off

Eight and a half hours of flying.  We flew between 11 000 and 13 000 feet to get on top of the clouds.  The last couple of hours – the skies cleared and we had a beautiful flight over northern Quebec, Hudson’s Bay and into Baffin Island.


The plane has a small mirror on the wing – so that the pilot is able to see the landing gear come down on the floats

Spring is happening in Winnipeg – however it is still winter up in northern Canada


Pingualuit Crater (means where the land rises) in Northern Quebec – a perfectly round crater that is  1,300 ft deep! and has a rim around it that rises up 525 feet – and so on the tundra – is the highest point of the region.  It is a difficult and dangerous lake to get to because of the crater and is said to have the purest freshwater and most transparent water in the world.

IMGP8644 2

The landscape approaching the Hudson Strait


Formations on the ice flow on the Hudson Strait.  This strait is never completely frozen over and the open water adds heat and moisture to the air creating cloud and fog -Resolution Island along this strait is known as one of the foggiest places on earth.

So I count us so fortunate to get the clear view that we did!

IMGP8705 2

Frobisher Bay –  and beautiful ice build up around the islands


The tundra surrounding Iqaluit – snow covered rolling hills with rocky outcrops

IMGP8720 2

The airstrip and the town of Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut.  Iqaluit is on Baffin Island at the northern end of Frobisher Bay.

I have heard that landing strip is long enough to land the space shuttle – regardless it is often used for cold weather testing of the world’s largest new aircraft.

We were lucky – as we were told by a few folks at the airport – we came on a beautiful day – landed it was only minus 14.  They until recently have been at minus 30


Tomorrow – flying over Greenland en route to Iceland


12 thoughts on “From Winnipeg to Baffin Island

  1. well written and documented with beautiful photos. enjoy the adventure, with the promise that this aircraft will bring so much hope to the people of Indonesia.


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