North Atlantic Crossing

The picture above is having help pushing the plane out of the hangar for our morning departure out of Iqaluit.  Kewatin kindly let us park N113MF inside over night – and so we had a warm plane to climb into in the morning as it had gone to minus 24 over night.


The landscape over Baffin Island – on our way to Davis Strait – and the Atlantic Ocean on our way to Greenland en route to Iceland


The North Atlantic Ocean between Canada and Greenland.  I was surprised to see that it was covered in ice and water – almost to Greenland.  I was thinking that if someone wanted to take a long walk – risk a cold dip – they could walk and push a canoe along and stroll across the countries.


Entering Greenland – just passed Nuuk – capital of Greenland.


Glacier ice flow on the Western part of Greenland – the spectacular aqua blue colour.


The majority of the ice cap (about 2 hours flying) was cloudy = we climbed to 13 000 feet to avoid ice.  Icing is important to pay attention to any time one flies – however particularly in this aircraft – because of the additional weight of the floats.

We were planning to flying over Greenland and not stopping – however the forecast was for worsening weather near Iceland – and because of the headwind over Greenland – we wouldn’t arrive in Iceland well after 10 pm.

The airports in Greenland close after 5 pm – it was 5 pm as we reached the eastern coast of the country – so at that point decided the wise choice would be to stop for the night.  As the old saying – “there are old pilots – there are bold pilots – but not many old bold pilots”

The picture above is flying into Kulusuk, Greenland.  Hard to believe we just came out of 2 hours of cloud into this blue sky.

Difficult to put words to the beauty of this place.  The sights we saw today just seemed to get more amazing as we went along.


One of the many, many icebergs of Kulusuk.  This iceberg is far bigger than what is seems in the picture.


The town of Kulusuk – population 300.   The town looked half covered in snow.  We learned later that there was a big snow storm here a few days ago. We passed this town just before the airstrip.


The airstrip – in a beautiful spot between the mountains.

IMGP9158Dylan and I took a walk to the town of Kulusuk from our hotel (the hotel is in the background)  There is no road to the town – so people get there by snowmobile or dog sled.  We almost walked to the town – but as we approached – we saw a big pack of dogs – we may not be afraid of flying across the ocean in a single engine aircraft – but we are afraid of dogs.


Just after we turned back to our hotel we were passed by a man and his dog sled.   Tim – as he dropped off the plane a few days ago in Winnipeg talked about his daughter wanting a career running dog sleds – we thought of you today.


Tomorrow morning we plan on a departure shortly after 8 a.m. when the airport opens – we will fuel up in Iceland – as it is a soft airstrip here and it would be difficult to depart on it if we were to have full fuel.


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