Getting up and above clouds


A cloudy rainy windy departure from Reykjavik.  We’ve been to Iceland a number of times over the years for our ferry flights.  Most ferry pilots will have actually stopped here during their route over the Atlantic.  At Reykjavik – the people at the FBO are more than helpful and are used to small planes coming through and there is a great hotel just steps away.  The one thing that has certainly changed here – the tourism – just wow!!  15 years ago – the streets were quiet and there were a few restaurants to choose – now its is bursting at the seams – the “Banff” of the North Atlantic.

Everyone here knows where our Canadian city  Winnipeg is as close by to us is the community of Gimli –  the largest community of Icelanders outside of Iceland.

IMGP9309As I was saying – windy and cloudy and rainy – so there was a lot of cloud to contend with getting across Iceland today.  If any of you were tracking us  – you would notice that we descended a lot – this was to avoid icing on the wings – fortunate it was past the mountains.  The peaks of these mountains was all that we saw of Iceland today.

At the coast line and going across the Atlantic we went to 4000 ft.  This lasted a short time – and we were able to get above for the remainder of the flight


Clouds over the Faroe Islands – great looking clouds but not nearly as fantastic as these small islands between Iceland and Scotland.  We had the good fortune years ago during a ferry flight – to have clear weather over these islands which are notorious for their bad weather.

Stunning place!

africa 08 239

An old shot of the Faroe Islands

africa 08 211

Another picture of the Faroe Islands – from a few years ago.


The mountains of Norway.  It was cloudy on the coast and eventually cleared to be a beautiful flight to Sweden


The geography of Norway is dominated by vast mountain ranges broken up by valleys and fjords.  Less than 10% of Norway is suitable as farm land and the rest is mountains.


I loved this cloud.  The terrain in the Norwegian mountains consists of plateaus and lakes with peaks


Landed in Angelholm, Sweden – beautiful small city


Fuelling up – ready to depart first thing tomorrow morning – next stop – Romania.


One thought on “Getting up and above clouds

  1. Dylan and Val following you again on this ferry. Your help in getting another Kodiak to Indonesia for MAF work greatly appreciated! Wonderful pics and narrative of journey. Look forward to your posts. Prayers with you both as you continue to destination.


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