The fields of Eastern Europe


Leaving Angelholm, Sweden first thing in the morning.


The fields of Sweden.

Soon after we departed – we flew into cloud – a massive sea of cloud – I was thinking that we may not see much of Europe today –  so when we passed pockets of clear I was able to get some shots of the fields of all the countries that we flew over – Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Hungry and then Romania.

I find it so interesting how the shape and colour of fields changes from country to country – all over the world.  I can’t resist taking pictures of fields when we fly – the colours and contrasts and shapes – and they are ever changing with the seasons.

I am curious what the shape of its’ field says about a place.


The fields of Poland


The narrow fields of Slovakia


More of Slovakia


Flying into Hungry


The fields of Hungry


The border of Hungry and Romania


The colourful strips of fields in Romania


More fields of Romania – close to Bucharest.


Some crazy clouds we needed to get up and around before descending into Bucharest.  Hopefully the last day of clouds with icing potential.


The Bucharest airstrip.



One thought on “The fields of Eastern Europe

  1. Interesting observations about field shape. I’m always interested in what crops are growing and what the fields look like. In North Idaho, where dryland farming is prevalent, we have huge fields. But in southern Idaho the fields are smaller and often round, due to the irrigation systems. Safe travels to you!


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