A break in Romania


Today we took a rest day in Bucharest – capital of Romania.

Time to see a bit of the city and plan for the next steps of this journey.

Beautiful old city with good bread and good coffee – I think that says a lot about a place.


A Palm Sunday parade.

We have been so fortunate – in our years of travel – witnessing celebrations of Palm Sunday and Easter.  Last year for example, we were in Luanda, Angola on Good Friday –  where we came upon a march of thousands of people and the most amazing singing.  Other years we have been in Central America – and again – just wonderful outward expressions of this important time.

Tomorrow we are on the road again – on our way to Aqaba, Jordan.

As we have travelled we have gotten many curious and positive comments from folks at the airports about the Kodiak that we are flying – they often come out- take pictures and want to know more about this plane.


Such a great aircraft.  It has a pretty interesting beginnings.  It was built and designed for missionary and humanitarian organizations – so with that in mind – it has the capacity to work in some harsh environments.  For example, the Kokiak is able to get in and out of tight spaces – and it has a shorter fuselage and wingspan so it is able to hand and turn around in a smaller footprint.  So essentially, this plane is able to land on the side of a mountain in a narrow strip of cleared jungle or in the case with this plane – a remote river or lake –  with a full load of supplies.

Pretty neat story.




5 thoughts on “A break in Romania

  1. I have been praying for your safe travels and I think the Kodiak is such a fantastic airplane. I witnessed first hand the power of God and MAF growing up in Papua New Guinea. I am a PK and MK whose parents were missionaries in PNG. I am a big fan of MAF too. Jim Schulz


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