From Romania to Jordan


What a great day of flying and over lots of changing landscape.   Quite a change from morning to evening.


Started off in Bucharest and following the “follow me” car.   All over the world – there are “follow me” cars to direct aircraft


We spent quite a bit of time flying circles around Bucharest – needing to get to 11 000 feet before we were able to go into Bulgaria airspace.


The Danube River – second longest river in Europe and flows through more countries than any other river in the world.  It originates in Germany, and passes through or touches the border of Austria, Slovakia, Hungry, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Ukraine before emptying into the Black Sea.


We flew over lots of open mining pits in Bulgaria


More landscape of Bulgaria.  It was wonderfully clear today (until we got to Egypt) so I snapped a lot of shots.


The start of so many mountain ranges of Turkey – I had no idea actually – Turkey is a country of mountains.


And a bit of farm land in Turkey





And finally – the southern coast line of Turkey – yes – more mountains


Flying into Egypt and The Nile Delta.   The Nile River – the worlds longest river ends at the  Nile Delta in Egypt.  The river starts at the Equator and flows through Rwanda, Burundi, Eritrea, Tanzania, Kenya, the Sahara Desert, Zaire, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan and Egypt and drains into the Mediterranean Sea.  The two major tributaries are the White and the Blue Nile in Sudan.

All over Egypt up until Jordan it was quite hazy – possibly from sand in the area and we were required to fly at 14 000 feet.


The landscape around the Nile – up until Cairo was green and then past Cairo – all desert.


For a short time – we flew over Saudi Arabia


Flying into Aqaba, Jordan.  Where we were met by the handler who helped us out 5 years ago – when we flew here on a ferry flight to Nairobi, Kenya.

It was pretty neat – last time we were here – Dylan came out on his own to fuel up the plane and was met by the Princess Basmah and Prince Hamzah (son on the late King Hussein) of Jordan.   The Princess was at that time a flight instructor in Jordan – and she originally trained in Brandon, Manitoba (close to where we live) – she had heard a Canadian pilot was at the airport and she came to meet him.  I hear that she is a mother of three young daughters now – so doesn’t fly as much


Aqaba, Jordan.

We are here for the night and off again tomorrow.




7 thoughts on “From Romania to Jordan

    1. Greetings from Indianapolis IN. Have been following your fights with great interest. I had the privilege of serving with MAF in Indonesia for over thirty years, including flying floats (Cessna 180 & 185) in Papua and also some in Kalimantan. Thanks for sharing the photos and comments. Praying for continued safety for the rest of your flights. Thanks for your help to MAF.

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  1. Terrific pictures and I too follow you and pray for you everyday. Wish I could experience your trip. The Kodiak is handling the weather conditions and trip very well too…..Jim Schulz

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  2. As I read your blog and also follow the Flight Tracker profile, I am reminded of the magnitude of the professional planning effort that went into this trip, both pre departure and enroute.

    With all the different airspace restrictions and international flight plan requirements coupled with ATC requirements and aircraft performance engineering parameters, your trip and all the planning details would make a phenomenally interesting database for a seminar, even if one had no flying experience. This is an amazing effort on your part and a testament to your commitment to MAF’s global ministry.

    Professional commendations.


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