Across the Arabian Desert


A very busy morning this morning.  We left from Aqaba, Jordan – en route to Muscat, Oman.   Dylan had been watching the winds here for the past month – always strong tail winds – however – today – a mixture of head winds and some tail winds.  We needed to be in Oman by 1600 UTC time – and this now turned into a ten hour flight which required additional fuel – so a very tight schedule.


Dylan and the handler in Jordan – Khader Salman

Two homemade replicas of old aircraft that he had in his hangar.


The airport in Aqaba and on the opposite side a security fence and Israel.




A mountain range that we flew over – just out of Aqaba – close to Petra.


The Kodiak took just over an hour to get to our altitude of 10 000 feet because of the weight of our plane and the heat.   At any rate – the time to get up in the air gave us a great few of the landscape.




The desert in Jordan is the Arabian desert and stretches from Yemen to the Persian Gulf and Oman to Jordan and Iraq.


Flying across the desert – such a vast expanse of sand – and every once in a while – in this remoteness – a place where people live



The desert sands of Saudi Arabia.


A long road in the desert.



A city in Kuwait.


Flying into the Persian Gulf.  It feels quite amazing flying over these spots in the world that one hears about so often about in the news.


Here is a map of the surrounding areas of where we flew today.


A large oil rig in the Persian Gulf


Landing in Muscat, Oman.  15 minutes to go – we had to arrive by 1600 UTC and we just did!


Dylan fuelling up the plane – full moon in the back.

It took a bit longer getting through the airport because going through customs – the officers did not believe that we were  crew as we were not wearing uniforms.  It took some time – and then we went through and got visas.

Tomorrow we will take a rest day.  That will be good – 2 long days flying.  Saw some beautiful sights but it will be good to prepare for the remainder flights and stretch our legs.


3 thoughts on “Across the Arabian Desert

    1. Really enjoying the opportunity of ‘Flying With You’!!
      Very interesting track up the Gulf and Wadi area. It would be interesting to talk with you later about how you are holding up in your crossing over in the land.
      Blessings in your going out and coming back…


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