A quick stop in Muscat

Today was spent mostly in the hotel  preparing for the next part of our journey.

We got out after 8:00pm  to check out the town of Muscat – and see a little bit of the city.


Mutra Souq – a traditional feeling Arabic market under a modern roof with shops selling Omani and Indian artefacts, frankincense, scarves and fabrics – and the most popular tourist attraction in the country.  This bazaar is one of the oldest in the Arab world.

A few other interesting facts about Oman:

  • is one of the few countries in the world where Frankincense trees grow
  • crime in Oman is rare
  • there is only one public university in Oman – it has over 15,000 students and the student body is evenly divided between men and women
  • Islam became accepted here in the 7th century


A fantastic street shawarma for dinner


A quick drive by the Grand Mosque before returning to the hotel.

Tomorrow – up at  the crack of dawn and onward to Ahmedabad, India.



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