Tail winds – blue skies and a few thunder storms to finish the day


A long flight to Davao, Philippines – up at 5 – hoping to depart by 7:30 – delayed at the airport and departed just before 9 – and embarked upon a 9 and a half hour flight from Vietnam to the Philippines.

Above is our flight route yesterday – as you can see – flying the air routes is not necessarily as the crow flies.


Departing Da Nang, Vietnam – a big growing city


Being diverted around mountains in Vietnam and turning on ward to the South China Sea


The Vietnam coast


We didn’t have much time in Vietnam to pick up some food for lunch on the plane – so at the airport I ran and grabbed a few snacks – shoot – I should have had my glasses on when I chose them.


One of the many ships we flew over.   The South China Sea is approximately 1 and a half million square miles body and is significant in that one-third of the worlds shipping sails through these waters as well –  these waters are believed to hold huge oil and gas reserves beneath its sea bed.


The very calm sea – what is referred to as  “the doldrums”

The doldrums or the “Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone” (ITCZ) is a belt around the Earth extending approximately 5 degrees north and south of the equator. Due to the intense solar heating near the equator – moist air is forced up and as it rises it cools causing a persistent band of showers and storms. Last year – flying to Australia on a ferry flight we came across the doldrums on the Pacific Ocean and was met by quite the storm.
Because in the ITCZ air circulates up there is often little surface wind – so there can be no movement on the water for weeks. Yesterday it was a clear day and the ocean for a long time was like glass. Sailors well know this condition – as they can be trapped for weeks in the doldrums.
Knowing this – the definition of “Doldrums” fit perfectly! : “state of inactivity, mild depression, listlessness or stagnation.”


It can be said – and may not be the most reliable – but if you are lost at sea – to look to the CB clouds to find land.  That is what we have found on our flights – watching the vast ocean for hours and coming across clouds and then getting just glimpses of the islands below


Flying over the beautiful islands of the Philippines



The sunset – before the thunder storm.

Flying into Davao in the dark – a storm was on the horizon however was clear of our route and stayed to our left.

Today we will flight plan – fuel the plane as we weren’t able upon landing so late – as well – meet up with  a friend from home who is from here and happens to be Davao right now.

Tomorrow – the last leg for us and N113MF!



2 thoughts on “Tail winds – blue skies and a few thunder storms to finish the day

  1. Wow happy to hear you are doing well. Your pictures are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing them. My prayers continue for your safe arrival in Indonesia and a safe trip home to the States. MAF Indonesia will be thrilled to see you and their new Kodiak airplane. Thank you for your service and dedication to this project.


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