An Unexpected Day in the Philippines.


IMGP1294Well we spent a good part of yesterday preparing for today – the last leg of our flight to Jayapura, Indonesia and the M.A.F. base – Dylan filling up N113MF.

We were up very early this morning – to make it for a 7:30 departure – to satellite images showing a number of thunder storms all the way to our destination.  So – even though all arrangements have been made for our today arrival to Sentani – we made the difficult but wise choice.  It is always a hard choice to not go – but always – good to wish you would have than wish you hadn’t in flying.

So I thought today – I could go through and give a bit of a chronological picture show off all the places N113MF has been in the past two and a half weeks.  Quite amazing where this plane has flown over in the past few weeks – as I said in the beginning – over half way around the world!



Tim from M.A.F. dropping of N113MF in Winnipeg.

IMGP8705 2

Baffin Island, Canada


The frozen Hudson’s Bay of the Canadian north


Iqaluit, Canada


Getting pushed out of the hangar in Iqaluit – hard to imagine that we stayed inside because of the cold – being in plus 40 right now here in the Philippines


Flying over the West Coast of Greenland – close to the capital of Nuuk


A glacier in Greenland.

Icebergs begin as a glacier – building for thousands of years and then slowly moving toward the ocean.  Once an iceberg calves, it can last 3 to 6 years.


Landing strip in Kulusuk- Greenland


Morning departure in Kulusuk delayed due to snowed in runway.  I wonder where our Norwegian friend with the tiny blue plane is and when he managed to depart – as he waited for the perfect weather conditions.


The spectacular icebergs of the North Atlantic!


Rainy – windy – cloudy departure in Iceland


Cloudy flight over the North Atlantic and first glimpse of the Norwegian Coast line


The Norwegian fiords


Beautiful landscape of Sweden








One of the many mountain ranges in Turkey


A city surrounding a mountain in Turkey


The Arabian Desert – EgyptIMGP9969

Aqaba, Jordan


The Arabian Desert in Jordan





Oil rig in the Persian Gulf – N113MF passing by Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iran on our way to Indonesia


Coast of Saudi Arabia.


Fuelling by the full moon in Oman


The amazing Indus River Delta bordering Pakistan


Fields in Pakistan


The dry lands of India


The pagodas of Myanmar


The Mekong River in Laos


Vietnam coast line


Islands of the Philippines


Night arrival to Davao, Philippines – where Filipino president, Rodrigo Duterte was mayor and whose daughter Sara Duterte is presently mayor


And in the Philippines and spending a bit of time with  our Winnipeg friends Marlibeth and Felix – who by chance are visiting their home state at the same time we are here.

Wow – what a journey this has been.  We have flown over so many landscapes, climates and most significant the peoples and stories of the lives and customs lived over so much of the world.  Kinda crazy actually.  What a privilege this journey is.

A few surprises and interesting things along the way

  • In the tiny – isolated community of Kulusuk, Greenland with its one little hotel – people fly in for heli-sking into the mountains for 10,000 euros for five days per person
  • In Myanmar – the Sabbath – or weekly day off is every 8 days – so it changes every week
  • In Myanmar people do not have a surname
  • In Winnipeg, Canada- where we are from – two countries we visited have a big impact – there are the most Icelandic people in Winnipeg outside of Iceland and as well –  in Winnipeg, there is such a large Filipino population that Tagalog is the second most language spoken outside of English
  • In Myanmar – having a conversation with a Buddhist monk and the only Canadian he had ever heard about was Justin Bieber
  • In Romania there is a “Merry Graveyard” where on the grave markers there are funny stories or poems about the person who is buried there
  • The icecap which covers 81% of the country is measured more than 11,000 feet thick in some places
  • A rolling iceberg causes huge amounts of energy to be released – some scientists say as much as an atomic bomb and can trigger a tsunamis


And hopefully tomorrow – Indonesia.

5 thoughts on “An Unexpected Day in the Philippines.

  1. What a wonderful adventure. I really appreciate the picture of the airport in Reykjavik, back in 1999 I went to a concert at that airport. Hope you enjoy your bonus day in the Philippines. May God bless and keep you.


  2. Thanks for your blog. Some of us here at the Kodiak factory in Sandpoint, ID have been following your journey and love seeing where you’ve been!


  3. Terrific summary photo journal! Love to see the unedited version. The Indus Delta photography is pure artwork. You two are amazing.


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