About us


Dylan and myself live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have two kids – O’Danis and Isaiah. I am a social worker and counsellor and have worked at a women’s health clinic for the past 25 years. Dylan is the owner and operator of Fast Air – a charter company here in Winnipeg that manages jets, provides medevac services and charters.

As a family we share the love of flying and travel. Since the kids were very young, we have taken yearly adventures flying in small aircraft all around Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and parts of South America.


(Old picture of our kids and the Bonanza we borrowed from Dylan’s brother, Donald. This shot is in Belize)


(Our family just before leaving on a ferry flight to Kenya)

Dylan has flown since his late teens and has accumulated over 15,000 hours of flying all sorts of aircraft ranging from the single engine Super Cub to the Gulf Stream business jet to his beloved helicopter.

To date Dylan has flown aircraft into over 70 countries. I have my Canadian and American pilots licence. Our daughter, O’Danis has her commercial pilots licence and our son, Isaiah, has recently completed his private pilots licence.  We are a family who really loves flying.

Flying for our family expanded to ferry flights about 10 years ago when Dylan heard about a Caravan in Winnipeg that needed to be ferried to South Africa and took on the adventure.

Since that first trip we have had the privilege to ferry a number of planes – mostly Caravans and Kodiak’s – to various locations in Africa, Asia and the South Pacific –  volunteering our time for Mission Aviation Fellowship.